Friday, May 6, 2011

Thor (2011) coming soon

Yes, that's right folks, my illness has almost completely gone away and I will be watching Thor tonight. Review could be up as early as tomorrow morning, but I pose a question to my viewers. While it may take longer to post, would you rather my Thor review be in the same format as my previous reviews, or should I attempt this as a video review?

Leave your answers and other comments down below, and I'll look forward to seeing you guys tonight.


I look forward to the review!
Go for video btw.

I think I will be see Thor in few days if I find money xD

nah, don't bother with a video review =p

Gunna be an interesting movie.

good to hear you're better!

heard alot of hype about this, should be good!

Dude THOR is gonna be AWESOME

This movie seems awesome, looking forward to your review :)

Chose Fast 5 over this yesterday. Look forward to the review.

Do it. Still need to see it.

I would like to see this movie.

How long is the movie? Can you put that in your Thor post?

would really like to see this movie, looks like alot of fun. im not expecting an oscar cailber performance, just straight ass kicking =]

Really want to watch this!

Hurry up and review it. So I can see if I actually want to hang out and see it tomorrow. Haha. Good job on the blog, Brohiem.

won't have a chance to see the movie anytime soon, already read some reviews, but interested in your spin on it =]

great post, thx for sharing

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