Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Rite (2011)

Finally, an exorcism movie worth watching.

The past few years have been pretty lacking when it comes to good movies about demonic possession. I think the last one I watched was ironically "The Last Exorcism", which finalized my desire to see them anymore. When I saw previews for "The Rite", I was immediately drawn back in. I don't think I've ever seen an Anthony Hopkins movie I didn't like, and he didn't let me down this time either.

The movie opens up with the main character, who works with his father at their own family funeral home, preparing a woman for her wake. Even in that first moment, there was a certain creepiness already settling around me. It was probably the hair or whatever he sewed in her mouth.

Moving on, he decides to go into the seminary for free education, something a Christian might frown upon. He eventually ends up in Rome with Anthony Hopkins's character, Father Lucas. You are immediately thrown into a fast paced series of scenes, at least for a movie in this category, leading all the way up to the ending.

While this movie definitely had an air of preachy-ness in the conclusion, it wasn't enough to deter me from enjoying this movie. I'm giving it an 8/10, bonus for getting me to enjoy a demonic movie again.

And, being the first post of this blog, I'd like to know some movies you might be interested in having me watch and review. Leave your answers in a comment and I will see you guys tomorrow


I watched this movie two nights ago, it was pretty good.

Nice post!

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it like I did. And congrats on being the first follower. Hopefully of many.

i watch this movie two nights ago, what a coincidence.

I gave this movie a 6/8 because personally I think it lacks "horror content" per se, and it didnt really go forwards in the story as much as Id like it to.

Can see your points though

Also mate, is there any chance that you could make me one of those awesome logos for my game reviewing blog? Like the one you got on top there "NX nickxmovies" with cool graphics n such? :) Would be appreciated.

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